In the restaurant, lesson 12


Matti ja Maija menevät elokuvan jälkeen ravintolaan.


Hetken kuluttua.

Hetken kuluttua ruoka saapuu.

Matti ja Maija syövät.



Infinitive is the basic form of the verb found in the dictionaries, it's the "to form" in English. All together there are 5 infinitives, but here we mean the 1st infinitive, or so called a-infinitive. Infinitives are typically used in a construction where you have 2 more verbs together. The first verb conjugates in person and the second verb is in infinitive:

Tykkään kuunnella musiikkia.
I like to listen to music.
Haluaisin juoda kahvia.
I would like to drink some coffee.

The infinitive ending depends on the verb type.

More about infinitives


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