Who is behind this?

Hello! My name is Joni Kärki, I'm the author and webmaster of this site. I have studied Finnish language and literature in the university of Turku. I have worked as a Finnish teacher in Turku University of Applied Sciences and in Latvian university in Riga.

I have created this site for everyone who is interested in Finnish language. It started 2005 and has grown little by little. It has been my hobby to create the site, so I'm responsible for both content and all things related to publishing it (such as web design and maintenance). This site is also a home for Eila Mustaparta's material, which can be found under the title material for teachers". In the future I hope to find time to convert FSI language material into HTML form.

Currently, this website is free to use (private and non-commercial use, read more). Maybe in the future, there will be a premium version for paying members. In the meantime, any support is welcome.

My profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Ukko.fi, and Flickr. Feel free to contact me, or add me on your friendlist!

If you have any questions, email me venlainfo@gmail.com

You may write in Finnish, English, Estonian, Swedish, Frech, German (or very simple Russian), but please identify yourself when you contact me. If I didn't answer your email or add you to my friendlist on Facebook or Twitter, it's nothing personal. There are lot's of spammers and scammers on Internet, and I receive thousands of spam messages daily, so it's not easy to separate "good" and "bad" messages. I probably won't reply to messages with just one line (and neither will I send you money or marry you). Feedback, help and all kinds of propotions for co-operation are welcome.