Infinitive verb forms, the 1st infinitive

There are 5 infinitives in total, and the 1st infinitive is the most commonly used. The 1st infinitive is a basic veb form, you can find infinitives in dictionaries. By infinitive, we normally mean the first infinitive (see also an article about the third infinitive). The 1st infinitive is the "to form" in English, for example:

examples of 1st infinitive
pes to wash
kävellä to walk
siivota to clean
puhua to speak

Infinitives are not conjugated in person, unlike the "finite" verbs.

Infinite is marked by endings, such as:


More on verb types article.

When to use the 1st infinitive?

There are some constructions, where infinite must be used with other verbs. Normally you conjugate the first verb in person and leave the second verb in infinitive.

Voida + infinitive (may)

Voinko auttaa sinua?
May I help you?

Osata + infinitive (can)

Osaan puhua suomea.
I can speak finnish.

Haluta + infinite (want to)

Hän haluaa puhua sinulle
He wants to speak with you

Täytyä + infinitive (must)

Sinun täytyy kuunnella!
You must listen!

ei saa + infinitive (must not)

Täällä ei saa polttaa.
You musn't smoke here.

Aikoa + infinitive (going to)

Aiomme matkustaa yhdessä.
We are going to travel together.

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