Planning, Lesson 4

Suunnitelmien tekeminen



Aikoa, be going to

In Finnish, there is no future tense. That's why you tell about the future by using present tense:

Matkustan maalle ensi keskiviikkona.
I will travel to the countryside on Wednesday)

You can express your intention with verb aikoa (~ be going to) .

Aiomme pitää juhlat.
We are going to have a party
Aion matkustaa vanhempieni luokse.
I'm going to travel a my parents'.
We are going to invite you at our place.
Me aiomme kutsua sinut kylään.

Viikonpäivät - Days of the week

Days of the week are usually in the essive case (with na-ending)

Matkustan perjantaina.
I will travel on Friday.
Juhlat ovat lauantaina.
The party will be on Saturday
Palaan maanantaina.
I will be back on Monday.

Read more about expressions of time.


In Finnish, there is a negation verb. The verb has a personal conjugation:

negation verb
singular plural
1. en 1. emme
2. et 2. ette
3. ei 3. eivät


Minä en matkusta.
I'm not going to travel. / I'm not travelling.
Sinä et voi tulla.
You cannot come.
Hän ei juo kahvia.
He doesn't drink coffee.
Me emme kutsu sinua kylään.
We don't invite you.
Te ette tule maanantaina.
You're not coming on Monday. (plural)
He eivät keksi mitään hauskaa.
They don't come up with anything fun.

Note, that the main verb is without the personal ending. More about the negation in the grammar section.


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