Nouns, adjectives and pronouns

Nouns, adjectives and pronouns are called nominals. In Finnish they behave alike, that's why they are introduced under the same chapter.

Different forms of nominals

Nominals are inflected in cases. Here are some examples and English equivalents. NB! All the examples are very artificial because there's no exact translation. Read all the articles behind the links to understand the case system in whole.


cases in singular
nominative talo a house
genitive talon house's
partitive taloa* a house
essive talona as a house
translative taloksi into a house
abessive talotta without a house
inessive talossa in a house
elative talosta from a house
illative taloon* to/into a house
adessive talolla on/by a house
ablative talolta from a house
allative talolle to a house

*=several variants.

NB!Consonant gradation!


cases in plural
nominative talot houses
genitive talojen* house's
partitive taloja houses
essive taloina as houses
translative taloiksi into houses
abessiivi taloitta without houses
inessive taloissa in houses
elative taloista from houses
illative taloihin to/into houses
adessive taloilla on/by houses
ablative taloilta from houses
allative taloille to houses

*=several variants

Plural marking is -t in nominative case, and otherwise i (j when between two vowels )

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