Peculiar differencies between Finnish and English

1. If you make notes, you “write something down” in English, but in Finnish you “write up” (kirjoittaa ylös).

2. “To pull one’s leg” means to deceive somebody, but in Finnish you don’t pull a leg, but “nose” (vetää nenästä).

3. I don’t know why “a piece of cake” should be easy, but in Finnish the easy thing is “a sausage“, not a cake (helppo nakki).

4. In Finnish you don’t “take medicine“, but you “eat medicines” (syödä lääkkeitä)

5. “To translate” in Finnish means “to turn” (kääntää)

6. The verb “soittaa” has many meanings in Finnish. Normally it means “to play an instrument”, but it means also “to call“. So literarily you are “playing the phone” (soittaa puhelimella).

7. If you don’t have a faintest idea, you have “no clue“. In Finnish, you have “no smell” (ei hajuakaan).

8. To kill two birds with one stone sounds more impresssive than to kill two files with one strike (kaksi kärpästä yhdellä iskulla).

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