Mondly: Learn Finnish. Speak Finnish

Number 4 is ”Learn Finnish. Speak Finnish” by Ati Studios. (26Mb). Mondly, learn languages

The subtitle is ”Mondly. play your way to a new language” and at the first glance it looks nice. It’s another multilingual app which is translated into several languages so that you can choose your native language and what language you want to learn. It promises 2500 words and phrases, which is less than in the earlier apps, but if it’s core vocabulary (and if the phrases contain more than 1 word), then I guess it’s enough.

After I select my native language, it represents a conversation between two individuals (“hello“, “kiitos“, “thanks” and so on). The lesson continues with images of coffee and tea and my first task is to learn those words. Apparently I need to move some kind of a path to learn the language, so there’s less choice than in the earlier applications.

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Build your sentences

The basic concept is ”trial and error”. You are given Finnish words and phrases, and you should try to guess what do they mean in English. Then you have a phrase ”Tässä on äitini.” and English words is + my + This + granddaughter. + mother and you should put the English word in right order.

The images and audio are top quality, but it seems to also eat a lot of resources. The app works quite slowly and when I go to the conversation exercise, tapping the buttons doesn’t seem to work. Apparently the idea is that you listen to the sample and record your own version of it. The interface looks simple, but still doesn’t seem to work.

I installed Romanian for test purposes, and you can take only 1 lesson / day unless you purchase the premium version. Each day it reminds you with an alarm, that you should take your daily lesson. If you skip your lesson, you are not getting an extra lesson next day (unless you buy the premium).


The full version (premium) costs 9,99€ / month, so it’s more expensive than the other apps. The look and feel are significantly better than in the cheaper applications. The pedagogical approach is also much more ambitious; the lessons are structured so that you can advance from simple constructions to more complex ones. It doesn’t teach you grammar per se, but it gives you samples how to connect words and phrases, not just passively absorb vocabulary.

The trial version is very limited, and it’s necessary to purchase the premium version if you really want to use this application. Since I only tried the free version, it’s difficult to rate this, but I’ll give it 4/5.

EDIT: updated the price May 18. 2017.

4 thoughts on “Mondly: Learn Finnish. Speak Finnish

  1. Themis

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the nice analysis of the apps. I am searching for apps to help me learn Finnish faster, and your article was interesting.

    Note that now Montly costs 9.99€/month or 47,99€/year, which is a lot! Given that, you should update your review for that app. And I think you should consider building your own app soon! :-)

    Best wishes,

    1. Venla Admin Post author

      Thanks for the comment, Themis. I don’t think 9.99€/month is terribly expensive, if there’s enough quality content inside the app. The app looks sleek and shiny and they have put some extra effort into the concepts, but it’s for you to decide, if you get your money’s worth.

      For a comparison, Worddive is also 9.99€/month. I have heard lot’s of positive feedback, but I haven’t tested it myself. Hopefully there will be a review in the near future.

      As for the “Venla app”, there are already so many free apps that I should get a new idea for the app to make it unique. Let’s see what the future brings.

  2. Ben Matthews

    This is a great series of articles. I am a web developer and have just moved to Finland. Thank you so much for this information whilst I was trying to find an App to help me improve my language skills.

  3. Simo Vihinen

    The Finnish has tons of mistakes apparently: somebody tried it and the very first lesson (Good day! How are you! etc.) has clearly never been checked with anyone competent to do it. Stay far away from it!


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