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The third reviewed Finnish language application on the list is ”Opi Kielen Suomi Sanastoa” by Like earlier, you must first choose your native language (English again).

At this point, I’m a bit confused how they name these apps, each of them seems to have some proper name, manufacturer’s name and a search engine optimized title in the shop, but it’s difficult to decide how to refer to them in the review. Especially when there’s no shared convention and the programmers don’t know Finnish. When I install this app, the shortcut on my tablet says “Sanastokouluttajaan” (~ “into the vocabulary educator”). I hope my readers will find out what application I mean here. logo

This vocabulary trainer application gives you a long list of themes: ”most frequent words” or ”Dating phrases” or ”Business” or ”Travel Phrases”. When I choose ”most frequent words”, it asks my name and why I want to learn ”the language”, and how much time I will spend studying daily. When I choose ”continue”, it suggests me some ”alternative super learning mode” of Spanish (what? why?). Tapping ”continue” a couple of times takes you to the actual exercise.

Or it doesn’t. I get stuck in the load screen limbo, so I go back and choose ”dating phrases”. I learn phrases like ”olet niin seksikäs” (”you are so sexy”) and ”onko sinulla kondomia?” (”do you have a condom?”). The audio quality is significantly lower than in the 2 earlier applications, and when the instructor sounds like my grandpa from the grave, I’m not convinced.

you are so sexy in Finnish

I go back and choose ”business” instead. Some words are more useful than others, but then I get a word ”sidottu” (”bound”) with an image of a handsome man in bondage. What is this?!

After I have learned all 14 words, I get a multiple choice exercise to test what I have learned.


There are not so many exercises, so this is more like an electronic phrase book than a learning app. But the main problem is, that many translations are not accurate: sometimes nouns are translated by verbs or different forms of nouns. Apparently they have used some Google translator. Some of the audio examples have strange a ”robotic” accent, so maybe it’s some kind of a screen reader.

The best thing about this app is, that it’s free. So if you don’t mind learning couple of wrong words or pronunciations, this is your choice.

My score is 2/5.

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