4 mobile apps to learn Finnish

I’m not a great mobile app user myself, I actually still use my old Nokia mobile phone. I have Samsung’s tablet pad, and I use it mostly to read comics or play chess (that’s maybe one reason why Venla.info is not 100% mobile friendly…). I’d still like to develop a mobile app for Venla some day. But until Venla’s shiny app is ready to be published, I’ll go and check the current supply of Finnish language learning apps in Google play – shop.

My search term ”learn Finnish” returns more than 100 results, some of them not about Finnish language though. Some of them cost couple of euros, but most of them are free. Many of them look interesting from the first glance, but many of them seem like creators don’t know any Finnish and have just used Google translator or something to create their app, for example, the third choice in the list is titled ”Opi Kielen Suomi”, which is total fake Finnish.

I’ll publish my reviews in 4 parts:

There will be probably more reviews in the future, not only about applications, but also about websites, books and other learning materials.

learn finnish application

When searching with my laptop I get a slightly different selection.

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