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Anxiety in a tight spot (ahdas)

Ahdas means tight or narrow, as a place with little or no room. For example Pieni huone oli hyvin ahdas.

This word has lot’s of negative connotations in Finnish.
Pomo pani minut ahtaalle. / My boss put me in a tight spot.

Ahtaanpaikankammo is a one sort anxiety, “the fear of narrow places” = klaustrofobia. The word for anxiety itself is derived from this = ahdistus.

Harrasment can cause anxiety, that’s why harrasment = ahdistelu. A person who harrasses, for example a stalker or molester, is ahdistelija.

English words ending “ness” in Finnish

Many English words end with “ness” and many of these end “us/ys” or “uus/yys” in Finnish. Most of these are nouns derived from adjectives.

anxiousness ahdistus -> ahdistuneisuus
backwardness takapajuinen -> takapajuisuus
bitterness katkera -> katkeruus
emptiness tyhjä ->tyhjyys
goodness hyvä -> hyvyys
politeness kohtelias -> kohteliaisuus
shyness ujo -> ujous
weakness heikko -> heikkous
happiness onnellinen -> onnellisuus

Other examples with the same suffix. English has other suffixes like “sy”, “ship” or “hood” which can be translated with “us” suffix in Finnish.

jealousy kade -> kateus
truth tosi -> totuus
hardship vaikea -> vaikeus
friendship ystävä -> ystävyys
friendlyness ystävällinen -> ystävällisyys
adulthood aikuinen -> aikuisuus
parenthood vanhempi -> vanhemmuus
love rakas -> rakkaus

Right, right? (oikea)

Oikea means right, as in “right hand” (=oikea käsi). This word has other meanings both in English and Finnish, for example Sinä olet oikeassa. = “You are right”. (literally. “in right”).

Right as in “right to do something” is oikeus in Finnish.

Finland has a concept called “jokamiehen oikeus” ~ “Everyman’s right”. It means, that you can go freely in the forests and nature, as long as you don’t disturb people or damage property.

In politics, the right wing is oikeisto in Finnish.

Oikeus Suomi