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Tundramatiks – Kun minä kerran kuolen

Tudramatiks was a Finnish folk-punk band with a legendary live precense. The band started in 2003 and stopped in 2014.

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste – Savu meihin

Absoluuttinen Nollapiste (Finnish for absolute zero) is a rock band from Rovaniemi. Their style is slightly progressive with Tommi Liimatta’s strange lyrics. The band has been playing since 1991, and concists of group of friends from the same neighbourhood.

I like to move it (liike)

Liike means “movement”.

In the abstract sense movement can be also a political movement, such as “ympäristöliike / environmental movement” or “rauhanliike/ peace movement”. There can also be “economical movements”, thus “liike” means also business (for example, vaateliike = clothes shop), and liiketalous = business economics (see also the article about word “talo”).

The verb is “liikkua”, to move. And if you move a lot, you’ll get lot’s of physical exercise, “liikunta”.

Lot’s of vehicles and people moving cause lot’s of traffic, that’s why liikenne = “traffic”.

Liikun liikkeestä toiseen autolla, vaikka liikenne on ruuhkainen. Jos liikkuisin pyörällä, saisin enemmän liikuntaa.”
“I move from one shop to another by car, even if the traffic is jammed. If I moved by bicycle, I would get more exercise.”

Note the difference between the transitive and intrasitive verbs:

liikkua : to move, for example: “liikun paikasta toiseen autolla” / “I move from one place to another by car”.
liikuttaa : to move (it), for example “Moottori liikuttaa autoa” / “The engine moves the car”.

In abstract sense something is “moving”, so it has some emotional effect. In Finnish, it’s “liikutus”.