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Kauniiksi kutsuttiin neitoa. Hänen hiuksensa olivat ruosteenkarvaiset, katsanto viekas ja terävä, suu myös sulava, ehkä melkein liian leveä. Varreltansa oli hän lyhyt, mutta harteva ja palleroinen, ja vahvaksi sanottiin häntä myös. Tämän kaltainen oli veljesten lempilintu Männistön suojassa.

This course is designed for the absolute beginners. You don't need to know anything about Finnish language.

All the material is free (at least this far, maybe in the future I get greedy ;) . Free means you can copy it, send it to your friend, link to it, print it out, what ever you want, as long as a) the purpose is not commercial/professional b) you keep me informed where you use my material (my email is venlainfo|a|gmail.com) c) you mention the source (me) when you quote. Read more about the copyrights.

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Taking lessons

Text lessons give you the very basics of the Finnish language. Every lesson includes a small dialogue and small grammar part. They teach you everyday vocabulary, such as greetings, numbers, colors and basic questions. This section is arranged so that you can take the lessons in numbered order.

Grammar section goes deeper into the language. Finnish has a reputation as a language with incomprehensible grammar, but that's absolutely nonsense ;) . This section is arranged by the topic. The pronunciation is the first thing to start with. Under the title Phonetics you can find the guide of pronunciation with sound files.

Culture section focuses on different topics in Finland, Finns and Finnish language. The texts are bit more advanced.

Taking exercises

After studying the lessons, you can test yourself. In the Exercise part you can find small tests based on the text lessons. To take the exercises, your browser needs to support Javascript.

Technical issues

The site uses HMTL5 and it's optimized for the newest browers (tested on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera). Most of the problems happen while playing audio samples. If you encounter any problems, please update your browser first.

To test yourself in the Exercises-section, your browser must support JavaScript and it must be turned on. (In Firefox: Tools-> Options -> Content ; click "Enable JavaScript")

Mobile device support

The site is roughly optimized for tablets and mobile phones, and should scale to fit smaller screens. The best user experience is still achieved on table computers.

Teacher's material

There is also an independent material package written by Eila Mustaparta. This package includes a long text "Maaritin virhe" and several games for classroom work. Copyrights belong to their respective owners.

New language versions

I'm going to translate this site to other languages as well. Hopefully in the near future you can study Finnish also in French, Estonian, Swedish and German!