Finnish phonetics


One helpful thing when studying Finnish is the regular pronunciation; we use to say that "Finnish is always pronounced like it's written". In ideal case each letter corresponds to one and the same sound, and each sound corresponds to one and the same letter.

Here are all the sounds and letters in Finnish. There are 8 vowels: a, e, i, o, u, y, ä and ö; and 14 consonants d, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, v. They are similar to other European languages, but some consonants are left out, and there are two extra vowels, ä and ö. Other sounds (or letters) appear only in the loan words, such as "byrokratia".

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Finnish sound system
Sound Finnish example Sound in English
a auto listen car
bnot in use 
cnot in use 
d sydän listen David
e esine listen egg
fnot in use 
g gaselli listen gate
h hevonen listenhello!
i iso listen wit
j jano listen young
k kivi listen key
l lapsi listen lip
m mies listen man
n nainen listen nail
o osata listen four
p pelata listen pool
qnot in use 
r ruma listen roof
s saada listen soap
t tie listen tear
u uida listen blue
v vaja listen verb
wnot in use 
xnot in use 
y ystävä listen like /i/, but lower
ä äiti listen cat
ö öljy listen bird


Borrowed consonants

The following consonants may occur in words borrowed recently into Finnish from other languages:

Consonants c, f, q, w, x, and z don't exist in Finnish words. Also, b is very rare and possible only in loanword (such as bussi).


A diphthong is a sound made by combining two vowels. In many other European languages, such as English that is interpreted as a single vowel, in Finnish usually as a combination. It means that both vowels are pronounced.

Diphtongs in Finnish language are:

ai, ei, oi, ui, yi, äi , öi, au, eu, iu, ou, äy, öy, ie, uo, yö


Lenght and double letters

The length of the sound is important in Finnish. The word can have a separate meaning depending on the length.


tuli : tulli : tuuli
fire : customs : wind
Tule tänne!
Come here!
Pekka tulee.
Pekka is coming.
Ulkona ei tuule.
Wind isn't blowing outside.
Ulkona tuulee.
Wind is blowing outside.
Tuli polttaa.
Fire burns.
Tulli pysäytti miehen.
The customs stopped a man.

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