Adverbs typically answer such questions as how?, when?, where?, in what way? how much?, or how often?. They can be used as modifiers

Adverbs of place

Adverbs of place
Motion to No motion Motion from
mihin missä mistä where
Small area tähän tässä tästä (right) here
tuohon tuossa tuosta (right) there
siihen siinä siitä (right) there
Large area tänne täällä täältä here
tuonne tuolla tuolta (over) there
sinne siellä sieltä there

These adverbs actually look like demonstrative pronouns (such as this and that) so some grammars don't differ them (or call them proadverbs).

See the comparison below

Adverbs of place and demonstrative pronouns, comparison
tämä this tässä (paikassa) "in this (place)" = here
tuo that tuolla (paikalla) "on that (place)" = over there
se it siellä in it = in that place = there

Other advers of place

Adverbs of place
ylös up
alas down
ulos out
ulkona outside
Mene ulos!
Go out!
Taksi odottaa ulkona.
A taxi is waiting outside.

Adverbs of time

Adverbs of time
eilen yesterday
tänään today
huomenna tomorrow
aina always
joskus sometimes
harvoin seldom

Adverbs of manner

You can form this kind of adverbs from adjectives by adding sti ending. (In English, many of them end ly).

Adverbs of manner
nopeasti quickly
hirvittävästi horribly
huonosti badly

Adverbs of amount

Adverbs of amount
paljon much
vähän a little
hiukan some

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