I have -construction

Possessive sentence is a special case of existential sentence. Finnish doesn't have a separate verb for to have. When you want to say "I have" in Finnish, you actually say "it's by me", or "it exists by me". Then you use adessive

Minulla on koira.
I have a dog.
Minulla on rahaa.
I have some money. / "I have some money on me"

Nominative or partitive?

You use the nominative (basic form without an ending) when you talk about one concrete thing.

Minulla on auto.
I have a car.

You use partitive when you talk about uncountable or abstract thing. You also use partitive with plural and negative. If you could add "some" or "any" in front of it, you most of the time would use partitive in Finnish.

Minulla on viiniä.
I have (some) wine.
Onko sinulla rahaa?
Do you have (some/any) money?
Minulla ei ole autoa.
I don't have a car.

Some other uses

This construction is used in many other ways, for example in English "I'm hungry", but in Finnish "I have hunger".

More examples:

Minulla on nälkä.
I'm hungry.
Minulla on kylmä.
I'm cold.
Minulla on ikävä sinua.
I miss you.
Minulla on hauskaa.
I'm having a good time.
Minulla on kiire.
I'm in a hurry.

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