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50 languages

”Suomi 50 kielellä” by 50 languages / Goethe-Verlag is the next on the list of Finnish language apps. The size is remarkably smaller than than the “Fun and easy”, just 16Mb.

Like earlier, it asks me to chose my native language: I lie and choose English. Then there’s a menu with 13 choices, some in Finnish and some in English. Slightly confusing, maybe the app just didn’t believe my white lie, since the default language on my tablet is Finnish. Or maybe that’s the first Finnish lesson to understand the menu.

Lot’s of content

I choose ”lauseita” (”some sentences”) and then “Choose a lesson” (this is in English). It gives me some categories, and I choose ”people”. ”Sanalista” (now in Finnish) gives me a list of words and phrases. If I click ”play” I can hear an audio example, and I have also an option to record my own pronunciation and then compare it to the example. A positive thing compared to the earlier ”fun and easy learn”, is that they give also examples of sentences. Still, it doesn’t explain why ”people” is translated as ”henkilöitä” (plural partitive, strictly speaking ”some people” as opposed to ”henkilöt”~ ”the people”. )

50 languages audio
After you have learned all the word and phrases, there are several type of tests. A writing test, where you fill in the missing letters (identical to ”fun and easy learn”) A multiple choice, where you find the right translation out of 4 (again, identical to the earlier), an exercise, where you put the words in right order and an exercise, where you choose the word in the right context (something ”fun and easy” didn’t have). You also have a ”bubble game”, but I don’t really know how to play it and eventually it crashes the application.

Or maybe too much?

When you go back to the main menu, you can choose other options, such as ”alphabet” or ”numbers”. Option ”sanasto” (”vocabulary”) gives you vocabulary divided into several categories, such as ”feelings”, ”animals”, ”sport” and so on. You have an image, English translation and an audio example and several ways to check what you have learned.

Then you have links to Google’s services such as Google translator and Google maps, a link to Wikipedia and a list of emergency numbers around the world. Probably useful information, if you have never heard of Google or Wikipedia, or for some reason suddenly wake up in Ghana (then you should call 191). Otherwise, I think some if this stuff is unnecessary.


”Suomi 50 kielellä” has also ads (and they are quite irritating), but the full version costs $2.99. The functionality isn’t that straight forward and the application crashes several times (maybe my fault, cannot say). It feels somehow unfinished compared to ”Fun and easy”, and on the other hand, it has some unnecessary stuff. But I didn’t find any errors and the sentence examples are a good extra. It’s another simple application copied from one language to another, but it’s a good tool in your toolbox when you are learning Finnish. Would I buy the full version? Maybe, it’s not that expensive after all. I’ll give 4/5.

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