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I like to move it (liike)

Liike means “movement”.

In the abstract sense movement can be also a political movement, such as “ympäristöliike / environmental movement” or “rauhanliike/ peace movement”. There can also be “economical movements”, thus “liike” means also business (for example, vaateliike = clothes shop), and liiketalous = business economics (see also the article about word “talo”).

The verb is “liikkua”, to move. And if you move a lot, you’ll get lot’s of physical exercise, “liikunta”.

Lot’s of vehicles and people moving cause lot’s of traffic, that’s why liikenne = “traffic”.

Liikun liikkeestä toiseen autolla, vaikka liikenne on ruuhkainen. Jos liikkuisin pyörällä, saisin enemmän liikuntaa.”
“I move from one shop to another by car, even if the traffic is jammed. If I moved by bicycle, I would get more exercise.”

Note the difference between the transitive and intrasitive verbs:

liikkua : to move, for example: “liikun paikasta toiseen autolla” / “I move from one place to another by car”.
liikuttaa : to move (it), for example “Moottori liikuttaa autoa” / “The engine moves the car”.

In abstract sense something is “moving”, so it has some emotional effect. In Finnish, it’s “liikutus”.